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By Peter Hemming | Photo by Ryan Rosene

Christine (Rose) Jensen, born in San Jose and raised in Santa Cruz, feels her life has been
blessed. For this self-coined former “jetsetter,” who’s hobnobbed with top executives, life seemed
idyllic. Throughout her journey, she has been faced with embracing pain alongside happiness,
fueling her passage with an appreciation for the nuances in every moment.

Her father, Chuck, a former Navy aviator, was a senior captain
airline pilot for Delta Airlines. “Money was never a problem,” Christine confesses, so her mother,
Marty, was able to be a stay-at-home mother. Home was a house on prestigious Pasatiempo Drive along
the famous PGA golf course. “I started playing golf at three years old,” she says. She also began
early schooling at Holy Cross. After losing her five-year-old sister, Melissa Ann, to a heart
defect, Christine became an only child.

Life went on. Her father moved the family to Texas for a few years prior to moving back to Santa
Cruz, where Christine reconnected with past friends. At Harbor High, Christine became an excellent
student and excelled on the swim team. After receiving a degree in interior design from San Jose
State, Christine went to work demonstrating cosmetics throughout the Bay Area. Her beloved father
was diagnosed with cancer and succumbed to the disease at 59. “He was a wonderful man and father,”
Christine remembers. “In his later years, he bought a boat and would take my mom and me salmon
fishing in the bay.”

Later, Christine found herself working at a Japanese owned CD-ROM manufacturer. Offered a job at
software publishers Casady and Greene, the creators of Soundjam MP, (later picked up
by Apple and renamed iTunes), Christine worked her way up to Vice President of Sales for
International and Domestic. Every year, there were regular trips to New York and Paris. Clients
included Steve Jobs, NASA, and Motorola. Later, Christine worked at KSBW-TV as an account
executive, helping people with their marketing needs. In June, 2014, she accepted a position with
the software publisher Ultriva in Cupertino, where she plays an integral role in facilitating
collaborative supply chain solutions for multinational manufacturers.

Although she has made a successful career, family has always come first for Christine. In 1996, she
married Dale Jensen—a sales and marketing professional in produce—and gave birth to their son,
Ryan, one and a half years later. Now, an academically gifted 16-year-old, Ryan excels in sports,
especially baseball, and is considered a division I college prospect by his coaches.

By 2004, Christine and Dale had divorced. The decision to separate was amicable. “We get along very
well co-parenting,” says Christine, but she admits the separation was hard on Ryan. Things
intensified when, four years ago, Christine’s mother was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a rare
and incurable condition. Doctors have been working to control progression of the disease through
arduous medical treatments, and Christine has played a supportive role in her mom’s well-being.

Christine admits it has been a strain juggling her career, raising a teenage son, and coping with
her mother’s health. Staying positive, Christine gives her mother the lion’s share of credit. “With
neurology, nephrology, and chemo infusions, Mom has done an amazing job with utmost grace and
dignity.” Christine admits adversity has made her stronger. She adds, “I pray every day, it helps
keep me grounded.”

With free time precious, responsibilities come first. However, Christine can be found on Peninsula
golf courses such as Cypress Point and Del Monte or walking Bella, her little Papillon, along the
shore of Carmel Beach. In the future, Christine wants to travel the world. “I would like to visit
Australia and Switzerland.”

Christine is philosophic when considering her life. “I’ve learned to
cherish every moment. Every day is a miracle.”


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