By Tammy Neal | Photography by Michale Dare

Taylor Catherwood has been an aspiring designer since childhood. She started her dress line at the
age of 19, later adding handbags and lingerie to reach additional markets. Sketchbook in hand,
Taylor chooses fabrics for each of her lines with a discriminating eye.

The lingerie is made by Taylor, the dresses are produced in Vietnam, and her handbags are produced
in the United States. For the handbags, Taylor chooses the leather, cuts it, and passes the pieces
to her sample maker. Her unique collaboration of textures and colors, including smooth leather and
embossed cow hide, gives the illusion of crocodile skin. Taylor describes her line as a classic
silhouette with a modern twist. “Chanel is my idol,” she says, passionately.

Hailing from New York, her family moved to Carmel when she was just three. Recently, Taylor
graduated from San Francisco State, where she received a bachelor’s degree in apparel design and
merchandising with an emphasis in design. “I want to be involved in every aspect of my business
from the occupational side of it, to knowing how it’s manufactured, to modeling my designs.” She
has done two fashion shows and two trunk shows with her dresses, a fashion show with her lingerie,
and photo shoots with her handbags. “I want to do it all, and so far it’s been working out,” she

Taylor’s goal is to help financially challenged women start their businesses and attend college.
Part of the proceeds from handbag sales will be given to these women.

Where does Taylor see herself in the future? “I want to be a household name as a designer and a
philanthropist,” she says.

To order, visit taylorcatherwood.com or krop.com/taylorcatherwood.


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