By Chadwick Medel | Photos by Manny Espinoza

Bob Brown, known as Mr. Brown by many townsfolk, is a man who has walked the streets of Carmel
through its many changes. He has enjoyed a great many years in this beautiful city-by-the-sea, and
continues to appreciate the perpetual energy of the diverse people that make up Carmel.

Mr. Brown was born in Ohio in 1927. While living there, he graduated college with a degree in
political science, attended law school, worked as a detective for Pinkerton security, and became a
claims adjustor for an insurance company. He served in the United States Navy from 1945 to 1948,
and in 1954, married his wife, Doris, known as his “lovey.” This marital union created a basis
where their love of the arts could flourish.
Mr. and Mrs. Brown moved to California in 1957, which resulted
in Mr. Brown’s employment at Roos/Atkins clothing store in Berkeley. He was the manager of the
upscale clothing store until he was transferred to the new Roos/Atkins store that opened in the Del
Monte Center in 1967. After this transfer, he eventually became the manager of the Pebble Beach Pro
Shop, where he worked for several years, even merchandising the 1972 U.S. Open.

Mr. Brown found the urge to become more involved in the world of art, so he became a salesman at a
gallery in Carmel. Mrs. Brown already owned her own gallery, and this moved him to open one of his
own. In 2010, after more than 56 years of marriage, Doris passed away, leaving behind a lifetime of
memories for which Mr. Brown is grateful. His marriage has given him a daughter, Julie Brown Smith,
an artist, and a grandson, Sean Smith, who is in the San Francisco music industry.

Mr. Brown now enjoys his days in Carmel with great joy for all the town has to offer. On any given
Friday, you might find Bob Brown dining at Little Swiss, visiting one of his favorite galleries,
Light and Shadow, following it up with dinner at Village Corner with his great friend Joseph White,
and closing the night by listening to the talented singer, Debby Davis, at the Cypress Inn. When
his adventurous Fridays are over, you can find him at the Church of the Wayfarer every Sunday.

After Bob retired sixteen years ago, he became more involved with photography and painting. In this
way, he expresses the culmination of wonderful moments he experienced in Carmel- by-the-Sea. His
adoration for art is a passion that’s here to stay, infusing each of Mr. Brown’s days with more
color, meaning, and
love than the day before.


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