By Andrea Stuart | Photos by Remy

Strands of mist crawl over the lip of Squaw Valley, licking areas of rutted granite before
slithering through pine trees and shrubs and resting at the foot of our cabin. The sky is milky
with clouds and speaks to us through moans and growls, at times showering us in gemstones that
eventually dissolve into the ground. Gaia exhales, and we are invigorated as her breath becomes
ours. This moment washes over me; allowing my apprehensions to rinse down my body, puddling on the
redwood balcony, ready to evaporate into the impending sunshine. Strands of light can be seen at a
distance through pinholes in the sky. Just a mile down the road at the Village at Squaw Valley,
other yogis are also celebrating this summer storm by sharing impromptu asana practices with one
another in the streets.

This year, in honor of Aparigraha (non-coveting or non- possession)—the fifth Yama (social precept)
in Patanjali’s 8 Limbs of Yoga—I dismissed creature comforts. I traded in mats, towels, trendy
clothes, and other yoga-related paraphernalia for nutritious food and water, supportive shoes, and
a will to let go.

Going bare allowed me to focus on the most important thing of all: being present. With just Raw
bars, homemade trail mix, and RO water in tow, and Ahnu’s Karma or Serena shoes cradling my feet,
trekking between events, strolling trails, and finding existential meaning was effortless.

Now, I’m home. Sweat is forming a river down my spine, pooling at my waistband. Wisps of hair are
dancing between my eyelashes and easing into the crease of my smile. Holding Virabhidrasana II
(Warrior II) under the Brazilian pepper tree in 100 degrees just feels right. This is yoga in
the raw. This is still Wanderlust!


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