Looking From Past to Future: Steve Dallas


Photo by Manny Espinoza

Steve Dallas has fond memories of skimboarding and bonfires on Carmel Beach and playing baseball at Larson field. A born and raised Carmelite, Steve loved the peninsula and whenever he left, he always knew he was coming back. He attended Sacramento State but made monthly trips home to re-energize, and later, as he traveled the world, he knew Carmel was waiting to welcome him home. As Steve puts it, “there is no other paradise like it on earth.”

These days, Steve revisits some of his favorite memories through the eyes of his 12-year-old daughter, Alex. His wife, Madeleine, and he enjoys hikes and watching Alex jump waves at Carmel Beach until she’s too cold to continue.

Steve lives in Carmel full-time with his family, and feels committed to maintaining the health and integrity of the village. Previously serving as a Planning Commissioner and currently as a City Council member, Steve developed a big heart for the community and is currently running for Mayor of Carmel. He spends a lot of time on the streets talking and listening to people, looking to help in any way he can. “Carmel is not only home, but is where my heart and soul belong,” Steve says.


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