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Greenscape California has deepened its reputable roots here on the Peninsula, bringing its passion for landscaping to treasured local properties including the Church of the Wayfarer garden and the Cypress Inn, as well as beautifully landscaped residences seeking Greenscape’s trusted expertise.

With a personal approach to commitment and a dedication to quality and service, Greenscape California has set itself apart as a valued partner in bringing Peninsula gardens to life in an exemplary way. “They’re cheerful and pleasant to work with,” mentions Pastor Norm of the Church of the Wayfarer, whose garden has been affordably maintained, keeping its renowned tranquil setting thanks to Greenscape.

Fiona Ayers, general manager of Cypress Inn, has also caught on to Greenscape’s undeniable quality and dedication to the community. “We’re excited to bring Dave’s company on board at Cypress Inn, having watched his artistry evolve across the street in the grounds of the beautiful Church of the Wayfarer. I look forward to seeing his vision unfold for us as we continue to enhance that all-important “first impression” for our guests,” she exclaims.


Aram Kinosian, a Pebble Beach resident whose property contains thousands of annual flowers, has depended on Greenscape California for over 10 years. Whether ordering, growing, transporting, installing, and/or managing the entire operation of the property’s landscape, Aramis is thrilled with their attention to detail and consistent outstanding oversight. “They provide knowledgeable and talented gardening personnel, and we get exactly the results we want, every time.” Greenscape California also takes great pride in the garden of Carmel resident, Lacey Bucks, a valued customer for years where they care for over 80 varieties of trees, plants, shrubs and flowers. Most of the garden includes native varieties and all are well suited for our Mediterranean microclimates.

David Otterbach and Greg Cottingham, co-owners of Greenscape California, are astute landscaping veterans, and are excited to share their gardening passion. Maintaining a deep gratitude for overseeing some of the very best gardens on the peninsula, Dave and Greg are proud to employ a team of highly experienced gardeners, who average over 18 years of experience per team member. “Our gardeners have a unique understanding and in-depth knowledge of our area’s many micro climates” states Dave. Dave and Greg also take pride in being “hands-on owners,” committed to being out in the field with their crews every day in order to better understand the needs of their gardens, and more importantly, to build long term and valued relationships with their customers. They and their entire team of 26 professional gardeners insist on caring for their customers’ property’s gardens as if they were their own. As Certified Green Gardeners, they are water conservationists, which is extremely important issue here on the Peninsula. They recommend native and other drought tolerant plants and trees as well as implementing the reduced use of pesticides and chemicals. “The goal of any gardener should be to work more in tune with Mother Nature,” states Dave.

Greenscape California looks forward to working with you on your next garden and landscape project to create your vision and maintain the garden’s health for many years thereafter.

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