MUSE Carmel Spa Creates a Sanctuary to Renew Mind, Body, and Spirit


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Lately this Fashion Editor has been in 12 places at once, with octopus arms grasping the air for i-Phone, typing text messages, making deadlines, posting on instagram, chasing interviews, and scheduling conference calls between 3 time zones (Hi Sydney, Australia!) it’s a wonder that I can still manage to get to yoga, bring a fork of salad to my mouth, and somehow sleep. The one thing that is NOT within my grasp is the holy-trinity of body-work. Negligent? Yes. Detrimental? Not immediately, but in the long run, YES. I can already feel the knots beginning to rise in my upper left shoulder down to my lower back as I write this.

Because of my fear of i-hunch or i-posture (definied as the horrible and injurious involuntary slouch one makes when obsessively checking their smart phone) I begin to research Carmel’s own bodywork sanctuary, MUSE Carmel Spa. Owner Christina Zantman has earned her well-deserved position as ultimate massage and wellness guru. With over 15 years combined experience in holisitic health, massage therapy, and a working knowledge of preventative and restorative bodywork therapies, Zantman has created a menu of unforgettable body-work services. Zantman’s ultimate goal? To make regular bodywork awareness an important mainstay in order to balance our high-paced, technology-driven, and distracted lifestyles. From Pre-Natal massage treatments to weekend-warrior athletes in need of muscle soothing, MUSE Carmel Spa offers a menu of finely tuned massage techniques and therapeautic services. Zantman also emphasizes using all-natural products during these services to help the skin (her menu of Bodywraps is a heaven sent!) regenerate and get back to its natural cellular state.


Thanks to MUSE Spa in Carmel, I have found a sanctuary that will heal body, mind, soul, and hopefully calm all the internal mind-chatter.

Owner, Christina Zantman

Can you tell us how you started with MUSE?

I started Muse in August 2013. My goal was to create a new type of spa in Carmel. I wanted it to have an appeal to men as well as women. My vision was the combination of an art gallery crossed with a big city industrial loft all with a French thumbprint.

What is the Philosophy behind the MUSE Brand?

The philosophy behind the Muse brand is natural and healthy. I like to empower my clients and see their world through these two important elements.

What are some of your favorite brands, skin care essentials, natural products, etc. that are popular with your customers?

Muse Carmel Spa uses natural organic ingredients. Savvy consumers are becoming well aware of the negative aspects of chemicals and preservatives and leaning more towards natural ingredients.  Right now the Essential Labs Organic Skincare line is very popular. It is gentle and effective on every skin type leaving a refreshed complexion. I am also in the process of developing a Muse product that I believe will really excite my clients. Please stay tuned for this in early fall.

That’s Exciting! And please tell us, which service is the most popular at MUSE? My most popular treatment at Muse Carmel Spa is the couples massage package. It has a positive effect on the health and well-being of a relationship to spend time in silence and pampering.

What are your favorite products that you use on a daily basis?

Every day and every treatment I use organic aromatherapy including peppermint, lavender, clove, grapefruit and eucalyptus. I feel aromatherapy is essential for every treatment and really awakens the senses, plus refreshes the spirit.

Where’s your favorite place to get a glass of wine or meal after a long hard day?

My favorite place to get a glass of wine after work is at The Treehouse.  I love the owners there and its great meeting a group of fellow business owners there for great conversations. The food is also amazing and so is the atmosphere!

What are some of your favorite shops in Carmel?

Le Bijou Fine Jewelry, Ruffle Me to Sleep, Ami and of coarse Ritzy Rags!

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received from a customer?

The best compliment I have received from a client was delivered through tears and being told ” Christina…you really helped me feel better!”

 To book a Massage, Bodywrap, or for more information please visit MUSE Carmel Spa


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