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Riding in true style means taking the time to take a break and mindfully pause. With a hefty schedule traveling between Monterey, San Francisco, New York City, and L.A. it’s essential that my jittery nerves calm down after long flights or even worse- from droves of airport noise pollution, crying babies, and phone notifications. Fortunately, our enclave of the world provides the best in relaxation, taste, and traveling in style. What’s better? My Black Car provides the perfect introduction to an unforgettable Club 65 lifestyle experience. We spoke with Founder Vince Cardinalli about his love for the Monterey Peninsula and what makes his company the best professional limousine and executive car service.

What do you love about your work with My Black Car? 

I truly love the fact that my chauffeurs and I are ambassadors to the beautiful Monterey Peninsula. Most of our clients arrive into our nearby International Airports and we take great pride that my team and I are their first introduction to the area.

How does My Black Car distinguish itself from say, other car services in the area?

Service, Service, Service! One example of our dedication to service stretches all the way to San Francisco. Those familiar with the Monterey Peninsula are aware that we are a small community however, we host several world class events that max out our fleet. If, and when we’re sold out and we get a request from a regular, we tap into our reliable network of chauffeurs that stretches from the Monterey Peninsula all the way to the city. I think it’s as important to be as respectful to your competitors as it is to your clients. These industry relationships give us a greater opportunity to meet our clients needs.

What makes My Black Car a singular and timeless experience? 

Given the fact we are a professional chauffeured transportation provider we come across clients about to embark on great life moments. It might be a first overseas vacation, a visitor living out a life dream by golfing at one of our world class golf courses or, driving an executive that had a great meeting. But, at the end of the day, it’s the little things. Like offering a lint brush or a breath mint to a bride moments before their big moment.

What’s the true definition of the Club 65 lifestyle experience for you?

Club 65 Lifestyle is a great opportunity to experience the best of our area. First class wines, Monterey County’s agriculture, and seafood from our waters and our locally sourced meats create an unforgettable experience!

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