Why Carmel’s Cayen Collection Continues to be the Rare Gem that Delights Us All



No matter how minimalist, there’s simply no excuse for any distinguished lady or young woman to not covet the luxurious works of art that Cayen Jewelers delivers to the world. Even this fashion editor’s repertoire of rare gemstones is next to empty in her jewelry box, (except for the occasional diamond or labradorite piece)  a girl can only dream. With over 20 years experience as purveyors of all stones rare and designs that are classic, innovative, and wholly artistic, Cayen has proven itself to be a boutique jeweler mainstay in Carmel.  Simply looking through their new arrivals and one could easily get whisked away into dreams of white coral, sapphire, and moonstones. The masthead of designers featured is a who’s who of luxury royalty. So without further ado, we spoke with the maestros at Cayen on their philosophy and mission in bringing splendor and beauty to our part of the world.

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This month Cayen featured the artist Victor Velya. What are the highlights of his current works?

We are highlighting Victor’s latest designs which include a pair of Sapphire earrings and rings Victor designed using recently discovered Kenyan Sapphires as well as works using Paraiba Tourmalines which have now become one of the rarest gems on the planet

Can you tell us about The Cayen Collection brand or philosophy?

We see ourselves as curators for 21st century jewelry artists and showcase the best selection of contemporary artists on the West Coast.  We have an uncommon knowledge of gemstones due to my background working as a gemstone purveyor, therefore you will see an unmatched selection of unusually rare jewels here at Cayen.  We have recently been nominated 5 top jewelry retailers in the country by WJA (Women’s Jewelry Association) and are running for 1st place July 25th.  All the beautiful jewelry sold at Cayen is accompanied by attentive service and a very tailored relationship with our patrons.


Who are the most popular designers or brands among your clientele?

Victor Velyan is definitely one of our clients favorites.  He launched his collection here at Cayen and went on to makes his debut across the country and is now one of the top contemporary jewelry artists in the US.  Other favorites include Nicholas Varney and Arunashi.

Does the Peninsula have particular jewelry philosophy that’s different from the rest of the world? How would you describe this?

The Peninsula is home or second home to some of the country’s greatest minds and we have noticed Carmel seems to be a barometer for what will become successful throughout the US.  We have noticed that styles we sell very well end up becoming successful in other areas of the country one to 2 years later.


 What are some of the qualities that make an ideal Cayen Collection customer?

The common thread among our clients is  their love for beauty and for the arts.

What’s the one style in particular that is a go-to favorite?

Victor Velyan cuffs.

What piece of advice would you give a first-time customer of high-end jewelry?

Follow your instinct.  Our eye naturally guides us to the best. Shop in boutique stores to receive the best quality guidance as a consumer.

What’s the one thing you love the most about Carmel by The Sea?

The general splendor of Carmel captured my heart and moved my soul. I will always have a home here.

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