Cultura Carmel: The Most Flavorful Burst of “Comida y Bebida” to Hit Carmel



Words: Ana L. Roman

Photos: Manny Espinoza

If you’re looking for a new Americanized Mexican restaurant in the former Jack London’s location in Carmel, you’ll be sorely disappointed. However, if you’re looking for a new world of mescal-centric flavors concocted by Chef’s Michelle Estigoy and John Cox with an illustrious canon of Iberian Peninsula wines colorfully composed by Cultura Founder and Creator Sarah Kabat-Marcy, then sit down and get ready for some of the most revolutionary flavors to hit your tastebuds.


Vegans, Vegetarians, and those who will eat anything (eye-watering hot peppers, anyone?) this is the most innovative and creative new restaurant to hit Carmel in a generation. Coined as a “Carmel restaurant with Oaxacan inspiration” it stars local ingredients via partnerships with small sustainable farmers and fair-trade mezcaleros. Enjoy both casual street taco-and-cerveza fare or Black River caviar and Wagyu steaks. Crunch into fresh hot peppers, corn, heirloom tomatoes, and even grasshoppers straight from Cultura’s own farm in Aromas.


As if the ingredients weren’t mind blowing enough, the drinks will transport you south of the border, imbuing a truthful taste to the zeitgeist of Oaxaca City’s culinary innovation. Whether you want a simple Tecate on tap or almond-infused mezcal cocktails, you definitely cannot leave without  having a taste of the El Destilado.


Afterwards, have a cup of ACME coffee or if you’re so inclined, by everyone a drink! (just be sure to give me 15 minutes to get there!)


Visit for menu, location, and more information.

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