65 Magazine’s Carmel International Film Festival Style Diary


screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-3-32-57-pmWords: Ana L. Roman

Photos: Patrice Ward

Last week’s Carmel International Film Festival was a first time experience for this one-year peninsula resident style editor. I really didn’t know what to expect. One minute I was overdressed. The next I was under.


Prior to that I was in various UBER’s wondering if I would get to the red carpet events on time. And yet as soon as I arrived I had microphone’s in my face, questions hurled at me as to what film I worked on, and “If possible can you please give me your card so I can let my guys in L.A. know about you…” Wow!


Carmel International Film Festival is one to go down in the books, quite simply because it’s one of the sincerest and warmest film festivals I’ve ever had the honor to cover.





What was going to be a simple red carpet style story was slowly morphing into something much more than that- a profile on the wonders of creativity, hard work, and serious mastery.

Diversity in artistry and film, plus style is a welcome philosophy in everyone’s eye, and I do believe that last week Carmel had an uptick of all these elements on its shores.



On the first night there were ladies of note in signature sculptural necklace pieces, distinguished Executive Producers in bold, textile shirts with relaxed sport jackets. Florals, creamy colors, and bold shapes were de-rigeur for all events held at The Sunset Center.



Of notable mention, Matthew Modine looking ever so woodsy and fresh in his blue headband and relaxed getup.

Forge in the Forest Music Cafe, which I so inappropriately overdressed for on the second night, promised a warm atmosphere.


The Patron Party of course was a bevy of revelers from all industries, film teams, and creatives who managed to shimmy and shake their way through the night.



I could go on and on about these events, but one thing remains unspoken; it’s that when Carmel learns to let loose and dance, it becomes a place that shifts into a helpful haven of diversity and dare I say, encourages new creativity.

My inspired conclusions coming away from this festival was that, why pray does it take a festival to rally the community into new ways of communing together, dancing together, and creating together?


Creativity, style, and artistry knows no bounds. And that’s exactly what the hard-working founders of the Carmel International Film Festival, and all the volunteers and sponsors who brought this together have certainly achieved. Until Next Year!



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