Carmel’s Centennial Parade Heralds in Another 100 Years of Joyous Artistry


14611025_10154075796971347_2548311742858072829_nWords: Ana L. Roman

Photos: Manny Espinoza


Last Saturday’s Centennial Parade in Carmel brought revelers from far and wide, local inhabitants that have lived on Carmel’s shores for generations, and new visitors alike.


Before the festivities kicked-off, this style and sometimes events writer found herself just a few feet away from the Grand Marshal himself, Clint Eastwood. All wise smiles, knowing eyes, and friendliness, he portrayed himself every bit the artist and creative I would have expected and hoped; humble, grateful, and filled with joy.



As the former mayor rode shotgun on the Wells Fargo Stagecoach, the parade slowly meandered its way down Ocean Ave. My big-city NYC eyes looked down from a rooftop that Manny Espinoza and I so gallantly climbed up to watch the festivities.




We were  greeted with multiplying throngs of spectators increasing by the minute. Huge floats about as wide as half the size of Ocean Ave. provided spectacles of dancing ballerinas, conductors, and various forms of choreography that wouldn’t have been made possible without the help of a company who constructs the floats for Pasadena’s Tournament of Roses parade.




The atmosphere was as bubbly as a glass of sparkling rosé with the sun shining through it! All in all, amazing execution, coordination, and efforts accomplished by the city of Carmel and the volunteers who so joyously gave their time and hard work to the endeavor.


However, with the new mayor Steve Dallas in tow I couldn’t help but wonder what do the next 100 years have in store for Carmel and how will the millennials, new residents, and hungry creatives make their mark on this beautiful enclave of the world?


Time can only tell…




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