Building on Faith


By Tracy Gillette Ricci  |  Photos by Manny Espinoza

For Dan Silverie, Jr., faith and family have been the cornerstones in his life. He starts his days with prayer and meditation and believes he should always prepare for the setbacks in life to come while enjoying success in the moment. He says, it’s “turning the hands of time into a jewel.”

After graduating from Carmel High School and completing coursework at Monterey Peninsula College, Silverie, Jr. joined his father, a general contractor, on a job site. He says, “I loved learning, being outside. I loved the camaraderie of the job site.” He knew early on that this would be his chosen career.

While he gained skills with his father, the rigors of commuting to sometimes distant jobs wore on him. He was newly married and the hours of traveling from the job sites to home became a struggle. His wife, Kimberly, encouraged and supported his return to school. Silverie, Jr. studied Construction Management at San Jose State. With his practical experience, literally starting from the ground up with his father, he exceled. In 1997, he received a job offer from Swinerton & Walberg, one of the largest and oldest commercial construction companies. He found their motto, “to uphold integrity, honesty, and innovation,” to be a perfect fit.

After completing a $300 million project with Swinerton & Walberg, which included a large office complex with tech labs and parking garages, Silverie, Jr. had gained the knowledge to go out on his own. He returned to work in Carmel in 1999, where he had already been buying select properties for speculation and building new luxury residences to sell. Silverie, Jr. continued to provide general contracting services for clientele resourced from Carmel’s top architect and realtor referrals throughout the years. His growth continued as he became an expert in his field due to the combined efforts of general contracting and development projects.

Family life has always been the top priority for Silverie, Jr. He steadily weathered the ups and downs of the housing market through the late 2000s, but only with faith, prayer, and meditation did he withstand the tragic loss of his wife in 2013. Silverie, Jr. and their two young children were left to carry on without her energizing force. Routine became their salvation. The everyday activities of driving kids to school, getting morning coffee, and walking to his job site and office on Mission Street became an instrument of fate.

Silverie, Jr. had typically made the coffee stop well before the retail stores in the plaza opened. Now that he had taken on the responsibility of getting the kids to school, Silverie, Jr. found himself at the coffee shop when the retail associates were starting their day. It was then that he met Michelle, his wife, the woman he describes as his “foundation” and who has become the love of his life. It was her gentle and caring nature and genuine love for his children that softened the loss he and his children had experienced, enabling them to rebuild as a family.

Silverie, Jr.’s ability to keep his faith strong through every situation is the driving force behind his success in business and in family. His concentration is on general contracting for high quality projects. He feels it is important to care for Carmel’s natural surroundings and environment in combination with open and honest communication, and conveying the budgets, scope of work, and client desires to everyone involved with the project. “I put time and energy into the proper procedures so that the visions are aligned.” He says, “You can’t do anything alone.”

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